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Alien Andrej Partljič

Coda cultural art society

The Coda Cultural and Artistic Association (hereinafter KUD Coda), founded in 2005, is a non-governmental organization working in the public interest in the field of culture. The basic activity of the regular program of non-formal education in the field of music, a free online course in music theory, learning instruments and singing according to an individually tailored program, are perfectly complemented and rounded off by group play, vocal group and mixed choir. KUD Coda has realized more than 1000 individual music teaching programs,
adapted to the individual’s interests and abilities. Approximately 400 children and young people, as well as adults, took part in these regular programs, presenting their creations at various events, as independent performers or as part of the program of other organizers.

Successful development and implementation of programs enables reference leadership and competencies of mentors, as well as joint efforts for quality interpersonal relationships. KUD Coda is also characterized by inter-organizational cooperation, thus filling professional needs outside the field of music. Connecting with other organizations enables knowledge of the needs of target groups and fills additional spatial or technical capacities. We successfully cooperate with the Association of Friends of Youth Maribor, VGC Štajerska, Dom Danice Vogrinec, Slovenian Philanthropy Maribor and many others.


Kulturno umetniško društvo Coda

Koroška cesta 63, 2000 Maribor


VAT number

61572900 (nismo zavezanci za DDV)


Matična številka




SI56 0700 0000 3483 457 (GORENJSKA BANKA)

Socio-cultural programs

KUD Coda develops and implements socio-cultural activities with the basic purpose of including and enabling access to non-formal education and the realization of individual interests for raising competencies in the field of culture, and especially in the field of music. It is about the inclusion of people with different social barriers. The target groups of these programs are economically disadvantaged social groups – children, youth and adults; as well as children and young people with disabilites, different ethnic groups, refugees, migrants and persons with international protection. In short, social groups that require specific program and implementation forms of work. Of these programs, the free regular program for children and youth, Glasbarnica, has the longest tradition. It is intended for discovering talents and acquiring basic knowledge of instruments and music theory. Children of immigrant families and children with disabilities are included in this program, as music also has excellent therapeutic effects. In 2018, we included persons with international protection in the program of supportive artistic activities. 

Socio-cultural programs or the activities of KUD Coda are focused on sustainable results, based on the process of learning about the background of the problem of target groups and through learning/training to strengthen competencies or enable the acquisition of new ones. It is only on the basis of the evaluation of this process that we look for more lasting forms of professional cooperation or employment opportunities for adults, while we include children and young people in holiday activities or camps. Socio-cultural work is therefore a type of good practice that fills systemic gaps in social inclusion and promotes the perception of multicultural environments and intercultural cooperation in the context of tolerant coexistence and enables life experiences through multigenerational connections.


KUD Coda, a non-governmental, non-profit organization, is interested in professional national, cross-border and transnational partnerships. It can sovereignly support content in the development and implementation of projects primarily in the field of music, which is intertwined with social content aimed at raising competencies. KUD Coda has a lot of experience in the field of non-formal education; also from working with vulnerable social groups. The interest of the association is focused on good, creative and innovative practices with strong sustainable effects on selected target groups and in favor of positive social change.

(Z)mešani festival

2017 – first idea and wish in the minds of Coda team about having own festival. Brainstorm …
2018 – The Name ‘(Z)mešani festival’ has risen.
since then … 

… every year in June, we mix a large amount of good (Slovenian) music, a touch of other artistic goods of our friends and a pinch of educational content into a multi-day cultural and musical surplus. We are adding other spices to the already substantiated ‘menu’: as the first Slovenian zero waste event, we handle natural resources and waste responsibly, take advantage of the modern technology and try to make the festival accessible to all visitors.

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